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The term "managed services" continues to gain momentum in the IT industry.  We believe it is unfortunate that most references to managed services refer to management of outsource providers using offshore resources.  QSI believes managed service should refer to a predictable set of capabilities delivered on the customers behalf regardless of the location of the resources delivering the service.  Identification of key business indices and alignment of corresponding technical metrics is critical for mutual trust and delivery of a service.  QSI has several alternatives available to our customers.


  • Managed Service Definition:  QSI's Baseline Assessment product will document current processes, resource requirements, business key process indicators and subject matter knowledge.  Our service definition model will enable an objective selection process, smooth transition and startup metrics to minimize your business risk and maximize your success.  In addition, QSI will assist in defining your exit strategy - ensuring you the ability to recover these services in the event either your business or your provider's business changes.
  • Roles and responsibilities.  While understanding the role of project manager, business analyst or sponsor are important, QSI recognizes individuals wear many hats.  Our approach to roles and responsibilities is to define the responsibilities of the individuals in your team or organization and when specific roles come into play.  This is done as a team and then behavior and performance is managed through coaching and facilitating key events
  • Performance  Assessment   Our baseline process captures both business and technical requirements and capabilities.  This baseline has been successfully applied for:
    • Capacity Planning. QSI provides streamlined resource estimating process through inception, design, development and support.  This capacity planning tool when combined with our baseline assessment will provide the resource manager the capability for what-if analysis, critical resource mapping and constraint analysis with critical support resources.  This tool will not be sold separately, rather is included with baseline assessments for our customers.
    • RFI/RFP.  Creation of measurable requests for information along with a comprehensive approach for selection under requests for proposals.
    • Performance Improvement.  Leveraging industry best practices including PMI, ITIL and Lean, QSI can work with you to create a pragmatic approach to performance improvement that enables your employees to work effectively with technologies and tools available to improvement your organizations performance.
    • Solution Architectures.  Business focused solutions architectures recognizing and leveraging increased technical capabilities of employees while emphasizing cost effective delivery of core business applications.  QSI helps define solutions ownership, establish guidelines for integration  while recognizing expanded capabilities of the workforce to develop a comprehensive approach to business solutions architectures.

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