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  1. How do I find out more about QSI?
  2. How does QSI define Customer Service?   
  3. Why doesn't QSI do more marketing - OR, why haven't I heard of you before?
  4. What makes QSI staffing different from other companies?
  5. What can I find out about QSI employment opportunities?
  6. What happens when my assignment ends ?

How do I find out more about QSI ?


Please feel free to browse our website.  It contains information about our employment opportunities, benefits programs for employees and services to our customers.  After that, if you wish additional information, use the Contact Us screen to send an email or simply call us at 763-746-4400 and mention you saw our website.  One of our customer service or business development professional will be happy to direct your call.


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What is QSI customer service ?

QSI has been active in IT performance management since we were founded.  We have engaged and encouraged our consultants to be current in project management (PMI, PMBOK), application development methodologies (CMMI, AGILE, RUP, etc.), quality assurance (SQA, SPC, etc.) and infrastructure management (ITIL).  We also recognize, while certifications and standard processes and approaches are critical within IT, the real key to a successful relationship is to understand and commit to meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations.


We believe customer service is about reliability; eliminating surprises.  QSI also recognizes there needs to be translation of 100% customer service into elements your IT group can control; network availability and throughput, applications availability, etc.  We believe it is more about how you respond to the unexpected than taking credit for the expected.  What does that mean?  If you commit to applications being available 99.99% of the working day, customer service is not about what you do when we meet or exceed that target, customer service is about what you do when there is an outage, that is the true test of our commitment to our customers.


Again, our commitment, quite simply, is Good People for Good Companies.


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Why doesn't QSI do more marketing of their services - OR why haven't I heard of you before?

We are committed to providing exemplary customer service to our customers.  We are not a high volume, commodity staffing company.  We believe the key to successful projects and satisfied customers is good people.  We take pride in understanding not only the customer requirement, but also the culture and goals for the engagement.  After all, our consultants and customers are making more than simply a timecard commitment to each other, we are committing to provide everything within our ability to ensure the success of the project, or reliability of the applications we are supporting.


We believe our approach is extremely successful.  We have attained and maintain preferred supplier status with a number of companies ranging in size from $5 million in sales to well over $25 billion.  Likewise, we have companies that have been our customers and consultants that have been our employees since we opened the doors in 1995.

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What makes QSI staffing different from other companies ?

We feel there are two major differences between QSI and other staffing companies.  First, our commitment to our customers and second, our commitment to our consultants.


QSI will not submit a candidate to any opening until that candidate has been reviewed and passed 3 critical criteria.  First, basic skills.  Our recruiters are responsible for initial screening against our customers requirements.  We look beyond the written opening and strive to find candidates that are self starters, self learners and demonstrate a commitment to ensure the success of the engagement.  Second, we ask a different member of our recruiting and account management staff to meet with the candidate.  This interview step is looking for a culture fit with the client, by that we mean a level of understanding and commitment to process, ability to interact with different organizations and levels of technical acumen in the customer organizations, etc.  Finally, we recognize that despite our best efforts and those of our customers and consultants, occasionally there is simply not a fit with the assignment.  To that end we will offer a warranty on and replace any consultants that are not meeting our customer' expectations.


For our consultants, we offer a full benefits package including health, long term disability, paid holiday, vacation and opportunity to participate in our retirement plan.  We also provide education reimbursement opportunities when the customer, consultant and QSI agree on the training needed.  For more information on our employee benefits program, please visit our benefits page.  We believe consultants, although non-permanent employees of our customers, should be afforded the opportunity to be a permanent employee of QSI.


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Where can I find out about QSI employment opportunities ?

We will maintain our current list of openings and skills on the Job Openings page.  Or, you can call us or send an inquiry about current opportunities through the Contact Us page.


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What happens when my assignment ends ?

Unfortunately the reality is even though we have long term employees and long term customers, there are no guarantees.  QSI employment contracts are tied to active customer engagements.  When an assignment comes to an end, so does our employment contract with you.  We will begin actively marketing you and your skills as well as providing you with as much notice of your contract ending as we possibly can.  We will continue to keep your file active for future opportunities.


We also recognize that you need to be self reliant on keeping yourself employed and employable.  We encourage our consultants to have relationships with multiple staffing firms in the area.  We believe our consultants remain our associates long after the engagement and by encouraging and helping them remain in demand in the marketplace, all three of us, QSI, our consultants and our customers will benefit.


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