ITIL Assessment

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITIL, provides a standard set of processes and terminology for IT systems and performance management.  These standards have been adopted by many systems management tools suppliers as well as companies wishing to move to consistent operations and infrastructure processes.


QSI has worked with ITIL since its inception as well as our customers for assessment and implementation.  QSI employs a "pragmatic" approach to ITIL, both for assessments and implementation.  In its truest form, ITIL is a set of processes that serve as templates for IT infrastructure and operations.  QSI will assist you in understanding what the current processes and capabilities for your organization are as well as developing a development or improvement plan based on your performance goals.


QSI has also found it is critical to involve key representatives of your business and user community in these assessments and any improvement plan.  Combining their service expectations and current perceptions of your organizations capabilities is critical to ensuring a viable, supported process improvement project.


Finally, the assessment and planning process needs to be fast, QSI completes the majority of our assessments in 4 weeks or less.


Item Name: ITIL Baseline Assessment
Price: $40,000

 Assessments follow QSI Standard tremplates and processes.  Objectives and scope are established prior to project kickoff.

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